More Athleisure Inspiration With Reebok Perfect Never

More Athleisure Inspiration With Reebok Perfect Never


Since Reebok launched its Perfect Never campaign featuring Gigi Hadid a few month ago, the initiative not only introduced a series of amazing athleisure outfits but also inspired thousands of women to drop the perfection and unrealistic standards and take on a challenge of being a better version of themselves. Exploring Reebok's Perfect Never collection, this time I put three items to test: Mix It Up Camo Tight leggings, Full Zip Track Jacket and Sayumi 2.0 trainers. My 'test field' was my local gym where I love doing TRX training as it's fun and makes the entire body work hard.


Mix Up Your Fitness Routine with Mix It Up Camo Tight Leggings

These camouflage-style Mix It Up Camo Tight Leggings ($39.99, discounted from $ 55) together with the beautiful white top I got a few months ago (pictured) are my most favourite items in the entire collection! The leggings are made of smooth fabric that feels great on the skin and the flattering design looks funky. You can jump, squat, stretch - the leggings do not restrict the movement and make the exercise an enjoyable experience as you can't help but appreciate the look and feel of these leggings. 


The 'Happy Accident print leggings' are produced with Speedwick technology managing the sweat, with an antimicrobial gusset stopping odors, and flatlock seams banishing the chafe. They have a Slim Fit and wear close to the body and move with you during exercise. The only thing I would change in these leggings is get more coverage around the waist so that the exposed elastic waistband would be supporting the body more as, depending on your body shape and height, you might find it running a little too low around the waist.

A stylish kick

When it comes to trainers, you have probably noticed that Reebok has done some amazing job in designing the trainers, and Sayumi 2.0 ($59.99, discounted from $84.99) prove this point again.

With a sturdy-yet-lightweight foam bottom, they have a bootie construction, with TurnZone forefoot flex grooves keeping up with the moves of the feet. Whether you are heading to your gym for a workout, on an evening stroll with a friend or to a Sunday brunch, the trainers look stylish due to its chunky boot look and structure and tiny but important details such as a design at the back of the shoe and the thick foam platform.


Rain or shine, it's all about the layers

Sticking to a workout routine means that you pretty much go to the gym or for that run, no matter if it's beautiful weather or it's pouring down with rain. This Reebok 

Full Zip Track Jacket



24.99, discounted from 


45) is designed to keep one warm in any situation. The jacket is light-weight and stretchy and with its long sleeves and mock neck it will keep you warm. 


This Reebok combo has become my favourite and since my TRX workout I wore it for my Saturday bicycle ride, to a yoga class and for a weekend stroll. If I could I would probably live in athleisure clothes. Would you?

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