Perfect Never Christmas is on: with Reebok

Perfect Never Christmas is on: with Reebok


If you saw my previous post about Reebok's Perfect Never campaign, you know that I am putting to test Reebok's new fitness line, designed to empower women to feel strong and beautiful as they are, dropping the pursuit of perfection. This month my Perfect Never Christmas Stocking came with Reebok's Cardio Zip Crop Top, Mesh Moves Leggings and Cardio Woven Jacket that I have tried and tested and happy to share my experience with you. (Disclaimer: as I mentioned before, my articles and reviews reflect my personal opinion and are not an advertising. While Reebok provided the fitness apparel to me, I am not paid to do the review so I am providing my honest opinion about the items, their fit, quality and comfort.)



The power of black

All the three items came in black colour (with the parka-style jacket coming in black golden camouflage colour) and featured a variety of materials, designs and styles demonstrating that Reebok has put a lot of thought and effort into designing what could make iconic fitness apparel brands watch the space. While I generally love black colour, I wish fitness fashion brands mix it up and add a splash of colour motivating me to do yet another workout or wear the piece of clothing outside of the gym. If you prefer keeping it cool in monochrome outfits, read on.


Cutting it short

You Cutting your exercise short might not be a great idea, but it's always a good one when it comes to workout tops. Cardio Zip Crop Shirt ($55) is a crop top that provides medium support. With snakeskin-embossed texture, the top has high neck coverage at the front guaranteeing that everything stays in place, and a mesh elements and cut-out style at the back.

For me personally the top had too much coverage with its full-zip front and the medium support is not enough for my workouts. Also, while it's made of the fabric with speedwick technology wicking sweat away from the body to help you stay cool and dry I felt quite hot in this top (it was a hot day when I attempted my outdoors workout). It does look pretty cool though and I can imagine how it can become a centerpiece of athleisure collection of those who wear crop tops.



Those leggings are made for moving 

If you are aiming for a fierce look the Mesh Moves Leggings ($50) will give you that. Designed for dance moves, they have air flowing around your legs with soft polyester and spandex fabric providing stretchy comfort. In Reebok crop top and these leggings, someone told me I look like a robot and I took it as a compliment. ;) The combination does create an edgy strong cut look which works both in and outside the gym.

When it comes to practical details, little holes appeared on the mesh material the second I put the leggings on (I should tell you they are the right size - in anticipation of your possible comment). Also, I am 5'11'' and for me the leggings (I'm wearing size M) were not long enough and they were a little loose around the crotch. It's obviously great that they are not too tight and are not giving one a cameltoe but a little too loose is not great either. The leggings also sit quite low on the waist so I felt like they do not provide enough coverage around the belly.



Keeping it cool in Reebok oversized jacket 

The Cardio Woven Jacket ($110) has to be my favourite piece in this collection. With camouflage and foil design, this oversized parka-style jacket has adjustable waist and has a vent at the back. Made of lightweight woven fabric, the jacket doesn't constrain your moves and you literally forget you wear it - that's how light it is. I absolutely love the colour and already wore it over workout clothes on my way to the gym, as a throw-on on a cinema night and as a cover on a rainy windy day. The jacket kept me warm and looked amazing.



While it feels like Reebok collection is a hit and miss at the moment, it has definitely stepped up its fashion game. You can browse more styles and colours on their website. Once you click on the item you like scroll down for comments from people who bought these items and provided the feedback on the look and feel, whether it fits true to size and any other comments they feel like sharing.

Are you a proid owner of Reebok apparel? Which are your favourite items? Tweet at me at @innavation or comment on my instagram!


This post is sponsored by Reebok. All opinions expressed are my own.

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