Are You Beach Body Shaming Ready?

Are You Beach Body Shaming Ready?


Following a massive negative reaction in response to 'Are You Beach Body Ready' ad posted on London tube and 50,000 people signing a petition at against Protein World company that has posted the ad, it's been reported in the news that TFL is taking the body-shaming ad down.

In this human and media bonanza however I am asking you to stop for a second and reflect on what's going on



Women (and men) come in different shapes, forms and sizes, and every single person in the world is beautiful in their own way - there is no doubt or question in that. And while some fashion companies are showcasing clothes in store using mannequins of bigger sizes and more and more brands run campaigns supporting curvy women, why is it suddenly acceptable to body-shame women who have smaller frame?

While I find Protein World's reaction to the backlash odd (see some of the statements re 'fatties nation' and other in their Twitter account), the Australian model Renee Somerfield featured in the ad is a real woman. She made a life choice to to make life choices that lead to the lean physique she is in which does not necessarily involve starving yourself.

In fact, thousands and thousands of personal trainers and nutrition experts will confirm: being mindful of what you eat and making healthy food choices accounts for 80-90% of 'beach body', combined with regular exercise (and the choice of types of exercise is truly unlimited - if you don't like lifting weights non the gym, go swimming, running in the park, play tennis, go for a walk - and as you can see many of these are not expensive or free!) - whether you use the Protein World products or not.


Now, consider these 3 facts :


A very skinny Gisele Bundchen's cover for VOGUE Brasil is called a piece of art.



They say men are feeling the pressure of unrealistic body image too. I must have missed protests following this Bulk Powders' 'Reveal Yourself' ad campaign on the London tube this winter. Wait, there were none. Oh, and I loved the ad! Something to look forward to when you are going down into the underground - just like another winning example of putting unrealistic expectations on men (scroll down).




Yes, the very David Gandy in his crisp white Marks & Spenser underwear - if you were hiding under the rock and don't know the name of the guy, you definitely recognise his body (reminder below).



And here's a bonus for you - the video ad. :)

If anything, this debate adds to the publicity of Protein World - if not this ad, would 50,000 people ever hear about it?...

Being a healthy 30-year old woman (UK size 12 if you are interested!), I hate labelling myself and assigning myself to a category - because (a) the context of a label is relative and (b) it does not represent who I am as a person. I do however see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, I love the endorphins pumping in my body after a great gym session, and I love how healthy food makes me feel focused and present! (Unlike the sugar highs and lows that have been literally ruining it  for years!)  


I have skinny days, I have fat days. But at the end of the day I am still myself. I am proud of the effort I am putting in being healthy and I love how healthy feels!


So if we are embracing all body shapes and forms, let's do it both ways so that both skinny people and curvy people live in peace! :)

Last but not least: watch this video!

Thank you for reading and please post your comments below.

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