Skandilicious: Making The City A Little Sweder

Skandilicious: Making The City A Little Sweder


  Having a soft spot for all things Swedish after an absolutely fantastic trip to Stockholm with my friend and lifestyle expert Sarah, it would be an understatement to say that I was 'excited' to be invited to the launch of Skandilicious - a unique pop up restaurant off Farringdon that opened its door to kick off traditional Swedish celebrations with exuberant Smörgåsbord feast and must-sing snaps-songs. Hello pickled herrings, smoked salmon, meatballs and other mouth-watering Swedish delights from the Julbord.



Presented by the famous London Swedes, Fredrik Olsson & Maria Trechman (they run the old good Swedish hangout in Chelsea - Kosmopol), this London’s latest pop-up restaurant is here for you to have your Sweder Christmas experience now. Open until 21 December only, Skandilicious immerses Londoners into the traditional Swedish Christmas experience against a candle lit backdrop of Scandinavian-style Christmas galore.

Stepping into the restaurant I felt like I 'followed the rabbit' and got into a Swedish fairy tale. Welcomed with a glass of Glögg (Swedish mulled wine) and gingerbread biscuit, I joined a little hangout at the kitchen in the surroundings of Christmas tree and joy-filled vibes. It didn't take long till all the guests started feeling nice and warm and were ready to follow our Swedish hosts to our tables to enjoy the Swedish feast.

If you only imagine all sorts of herring (and okay, you might say its flavour is too string, though I personally LOVE pickled herring and the way Swedes marinate herring in mustard and other sauces) and meatballs as a part of Swedish dinner menu, don't be surprised when you see the selection of 35 dishes within the £45 buffet. Gravlax, liver pate, herring, cured meats, soft cheese and roe dip cake, beetroot salad, forest mushroom omelette, potato gratin, warm smoked salmon with sauce verte, Prinskorv sausages, Swedish meatballs, Christmas ribs... The list goes on (see the sample menu below)! And buffet format means that you can push yourselves out of your culinary comfort zone and embrace the Julbord offering (again, I'm a huge fan of Swedish herring so this dinner was made in heaven for me!)





During your dining experience expect traditional Swedish songs (you will sing, too!), lots of Swedish schnapps (to help you sing in Swedish!) and absolutely magical vibes of Swedish Santa's grotto with candlelight and festive decorations. Leave space for dessert, try your like in finding an almond in your Julgröt pudding (if you are lucky to have an almond, you will supposedly get married within one year) and when you are done with the food, head to the Loft Bar upstairs. Festive cocktails specially designed and prepared by Skandilicious Co-Founder & award winning mixologist Fredrik Olsson, dance moves and making new (Swedish and not only) friends - Christmas comes early and stays!



With only 27 days till Christmas, there's only so much time to enjoy what festive London has to offer and Skandilicious should definitely be the top of your list. Book here:




Glögg (Swedish Mulled Wine) served with Almond & Raisins


Gravad Lax with Mustard & Dill Sauce

Christmas Charcuterie Selection

Soft Cheese & Roe Dip Cake

Beetroot Salad

Mustard Herring

Pickled Herring

Herring Surprise

Smoked Salmon

Liver Pate

Hard Boiled Egg topped with Prawn Mayonnaise & Dill

Condiments Including Potatoes & Home Pickled Cucumbers


Traditional Mustard Crumbed Christmas Ham

Warm Smoked Salmon with Sauce Verte

Forest Mushroom Omelette

Janssons Temptation

Prinskorv Sausages

Swedish Meatballs

Winter Greens

Christmas Ribs


Selection of Traditional Cheese & Chutneys

Butter & Whipped Herb Cream

Three kinds of mustard

Christmas Vört Bread

Sourdough Bread

Crisp Bread


Swedish Julgröt with Cinnamon & Sugar

Rice a la Malta with Red Berry Sauce

Swedish Pick & Mix Candies

Mini Chocolate Delights

Mini Snowballs

Chocolate Mousse

Soft Saffron Cake

Ginger Snaps

Fresh Fruit

This is a sample menu and individual items might change from day to day at the Chefs discretion

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