Go 'Back To The Future' Before It's Over

Go 'Back To The Future' Before It's Over


Before you read on, you must comply with Secret Cinema's main rule: Tell. No. One.  ;) I loved my first experience with Secret Cinema. Grand Budapest Hotel screening in a secret location in Farringdon was beautiful, ridiculous, amazing and definitely unforgettable - with actors and guests blending into one fab cinema experience like no other. Could 'Back To The Future' top that? With its rocky start, many doubted that Hill Valley recreated in a car park in Hackney Wick would deliver to the highest expectations of the loyal fans. My verdict? It was BRILLIANT!!!


Having digged out the most 50-s looking H&M dress from my wardrobe topping it up with Miss Selfridges hat, I was ready to go back to the future. And as there were no mobile phones in 1855, they were not allowed in Hill Valley either - 6 hours without social media? This was the hardest thing to let go! Digital detoxed proved to be the most exciting thing I have recently experienced.

With its amazing attention to detail, Hill Village does look and feel they way you could possibly imagine it to be. Wandering around the main characters rooms, you bump into the living characters of the movie - who get angry when you get too touchy feely with their precious car or flash their American English pouring you a drink at the bar.


I loved my 1955 Hill Valley Town Fair light pink sash, the old-school photo camera with the actual film that I then had to take to Spappy Snaps, town fair, hot dogs, boys from the 80-s and ladies from the 50-s, the bars, the post office, the bank, the prom venue, and watching the movie on a big screen while sitting on the grass and sipping wine.


It's a fab feeling to be in the crowd where everyone seems to be totally immersed in their character, forget about the bright red Westfields logo shining across and share an unsaid agreement that we will all have a time of our life on this summer evening of Back To The Future Screening.


If you think that 'Back To The Future' ambience lives within Hill Valley set up only, expect pleasant shock to your nostalgic system as things move around, explode and happen around you while you are watching the movie!

To avoid spoilers, I recommend you just go and see it yourself while it lasts! Last tickets are still available: on the 26th and 27th August. To book visit http://www.secretcinema.org/tickets and enjoy!

Here's some trivia for you: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088763/trivia

And isn't this just brilliant! :)



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