Spa Delight At Sofitel London St James

Spa Delight At Sofitel London St James


If you think that guilt-free indulging experience is a wishful thinking of ice-cream commercials' and romantic comedies' producers, I can now assure you that it exists in real life - at Sofitel London St James. The elegant French hotel offers a skin-glowing treatment and a relaxing massage in the So Spa, followed by a two-course meal just under 300 calories and a refreshing cocktail served at the gorgeous The Balcon restaurant. Say hello to an-offer-you-cannot-refuse - a 'De-Light' Spa Package! 2014-06-17 12.10.11

So Spa visit is a worthwhile experience on its own. Stepping into this oasis of relaxation, you instantly feel welcome and looked after. Having completed the necessary spa form over a cup of herbal tea and dried fruit, I was invited to change into a crystal white bathrobe and slippers and get myself ready for the spa experience.

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As I was visiting So Spa with my friend Sarah, the treatment was taking place in a beautiful spacious treatment room for two so that we could continue chatting away (a perfect experience for friends and couples!). The pampering started with a skin brightening 30-minute Papaya Radiance Scrub.

Nourishing but gentle, this scrub provides a vital stimulant for cell regeneration while leaving the skin refined and illuminated. Ideal not only s a routine treatment to maintain the skin healthy and radiant but also prior to summer vacations - a perfect recipe for a beautiful tan (remember to use lots of sunscreen!).

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Following the scrub treatment, there is a soothing 30-minute bespoke massage that left me feeling fresh, relaxed and content. Just as they say one can experience 'muscle happiness' after a workout session, I now know what 'skin (as well as body and mind) happiness' feels like!

After the treatment Sarah and I were invited to enjoy a soothing cup of green tea served in the calming surroundings of So Spa’s deep relaxation lounge. There you can listen to the relaxing music, flick through a magazine or simply lay down in a comfortable bed slowly getting back to the 'reality'.

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Luckily, your day of pampering does not stop there and continue at the elegant The Balcon restaurant with a delicious and nutritious yet very light 'De-Light' menu.

2014-06-17 14.11.48-1At the restaurant where atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, you will be welcomed with a Roland Garros Cocktail – a subtle blend of basil, lime, jasmine tea, soda and cucumber – a refreshing vitamin boost to get your energy back on. You are then invited to order a calorie-friendly two-course gourmet lunch. De-Light menu was originally created by the nutrition and wellness team at Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa Sea & Spa in France - with two courses from the menu amount to as little as 300 calories.

De-Light is a series of low calorie gourmet menus offering exquisite cuisine and flavours cooked and prepared with health and wellness in mind, blending French art de vivre with the best of the local culture. Perfectly well balanced and bursting with flavours at the same time, the lunch will satisfy most demanding tastes and will still keep you feeling light and healthy.

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Avoiding produce with high fat content and focusing on spices, strong flavours and healthy cooking methods such as roasting, steaming and poaching, the menu at The Balcon at Sofitel London St James includes a mouthwatering selection of dishes. Having started with Carpaccio Of Smoked Salmon, chives, low fat cream cheese, asparagus and lemon, I had Grilled Sea Brim flavoured with wild fennel, tomato and sweet pepper cream for my main course.

The dishes were indeed very delicious and as well as feeling satisfied with my lunch, I was happy to have gone for the light and healthy choices (even the dessert - for example, baked mango with coconut light ice cream - is just 130 kcal; though I was strong enough not to indulge myself with the desert:)).

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In the relaxing atmosphere of So Spa and The Balcon at Sofitel London St James I felt like time stopped for me to enjoy the moment. :) You can do, too, by experiencing it yourself. The De-Light Spa package, inclusive of lunch, cocktail and spa treatments costs £111 per person. To book, contact 0207 747 2204 or use the online booking service by clicking here.


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